Today, 98.8 percent of U.S. women give birth in hospitals.  Although there are positive and negative aspects to giving birth in any setting, the most important factor in where a mother chooses to give birth is where she feels most comfortable.  For mothers who are high-risk, a hospital is the safest place to give birth.  We, at Better Birth America, suggest looking into many hospitals to find the one that fits your needs.

The most common advantage to giving birth in a hospital is a woman has the comfort of knowing that if anything out of the ordinary happens, she is surrounded by the best medical technology and staff.  There are many Pain Management Options available in hospitals that are not available in Birth Centers or for a Homebirth, including Epidurals and intravenous medications.

There are a few disadvantages to giving birth in a hospital.  Because of the high tech equipment mothers may have more Interventions than in a Birth Center or Homebirth.  One of the biggest obstacles hospitals are facing today is that many are under staffed. Your doctor may not deliver your baby and you may not get a chance to meet the doctor who will until you are ready to push.  Also, if the Labor and Delivery unit is busy, mom’s will get less individual attention from the nurses (which is the main reason a Doula is helpful).  Mothers are typically separated from the baby for short periods of time while the babies are being examined by a pediatrician in the nursery.  If you choose to give birth at a hospital, it is important to inform your caregivers including all nurses what your preferences are for your stay.Again, a hospital should be considered the place to give birth for mothers with high risk pregnancies.  Other mothers should carefully consider all options and choose the place where she feels most comfortable.